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Norway-based Engineer | Model | Photographer | Pianist 

 Your main job is an engineer. Is that something you have always wanted to do? 


Yes, I am a structural engineer and this has been a passion for me since I was a kid! Together with music. I also studied classical piano but at the time I did not think I could make a living out of it, so now I only play the piano as a hobby.

 On social media you get naked a lot. Have you always been comfortable with your body? 


Haha yes, but maybe not always to the same extent. I’ve never had an issue with my body before but it wasn’t until I started going to the gym regularly and noticing some changes that I gained the confidence I have today.  

 How did you and your boyfriend meet? 


We met at the university, he is also an engineer and we shared some classes together. I was falling asleep in class one day and he offered a bubble-gum to help me stay awake (*wink wink*). The rest is a love story.


 Why did you decide to set up an onlyfans account? 


Partly because Instagram guidelines limited my creative process, I wanted to create art and share my work in a way that did not feel restricted. Also, I did not feel comfortable sharing my nudes openly in platforms such as Twitter, where this is allowed. Me and my boyfriend put a lot of effort in what we do, and I wanted it to be exclusive. OnlyFans provided the platform for this and also allowed us to get support from people, which in turn encouraged us to make more and better content.

 Is there anything you would not do on your onlyfans account? 


I wouldn’t say there is a hard line but I discuss the limits of what I am comfortable sharing privately with each individual.


 What is your favourite place to travel too?


Anywhere warm with a beach! Being an Italian-Venezuelan, the weather in Norway has been one of the most challenging adjustments  I love exploring new places in Europe, but often find myself drawn to the Mediterranean coast.

 Where do you still want to travel too? 


I have never been to Australia and it’s definitely on top of the list!


 Have you ever been to the UK before?


I spent a night in London a few years ago, while in transit to Miami It was a very short stay but I got to see the Big Ben and the London Eye. Would love to come back!

 What are your plans for the next few months? 


I currently live in a small village in Norway and we have decided to move to a bigger city, so for the next few months I will hopefully be moving!  No travels abroad booked yet but probably will attend a few European Prides. A trip to Miami and Mexico is also in the horizon. Lots of content coming!

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