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 How would you describe your music style?

My music style various and I enjoy experimenting and Winner is just one of a collection of tracks which all bring their own vibe. I like a lot of retro sounds which I feel the track Winner has and working with Marshall who worked with Craig David and the Honeyz and also vocal coach /songwriter Ali Tennant (Jesse J, The Voice, David Guetta) they helped me in a new way of creating and much more disciplined than I have ever been before.

 What is your new single Winner about? 

I am such a believer in the law of attraction and Affirmations I myself have always done them and I am blessed to know that everything I have said I have I do have. People need to wake up and believe in themselves that they are Winners and to tell themselves that every day.

 How did you get into music?

I have loved music since I was a child, after joining a couple of boybands and performing to audiences I just knew it would always be a part of my life

 If you could duet with anyone, who would you like it to be? 

Duet ? I have an endless list of duets and happy to work with anyone.

 How important is the LGBTQ+ community to you?

The LGBTQ+ community is my community it is where I identify, never had to hide who I am and am aware that it is not the same for everyone and aware of the challenges people in the community can face. 

 Are you planning on performing any of your music live this year? 

Hoping to perform live this year, since covid the opportuinites are just not there like they used to be. 

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