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 How did you get into acting? 


I started doing community theatre when I was in high school. Musicals like Les Mis, Grease and Sound of Music. Then when I left school I went to drama school in Perth, and then from there, I got Home and Away.

 How did you get the part in Home and Away? 


I had to audition twice to get the role. The first time I auditioned was fun because the reader in the room was one of my friends, so that made it less scary. The second time was with Georgie Parker which was a little more intimidating but she's such a wonderful person and made me feel so at ease. I had to wait a few days before I found out that I had got the part. And then it began!

 Would you audition for a part in the rebooted Neighbours?


Why not!

 In recent interviews you have talked about your sexuality for the first time publicly. Why did you choose now?


I think it's been a natural progression of personal comfortability. I also think that representation is important. I'm also a reserved person by nature, so I don't usually talk about myself in interviews. However I had lots of exciting things to share in terms of projects I'm working on and they are intrinsically linked to who I am, and I wanted to explain why the projects were important to me, and my sexuality came into that equation.

 How did you and Liam meet?


We're a tinder love story

 Photo Credit - Liam Forcadilla

 You recently attended Sydney World Pride. How was that?


I've never seen Sydney so electric. There was a lot of love in the air. I met so many incredible people from around the world but my highlight was being able to celebrate with my closest friends. It wasn't just a celebration though, it was a clear reminder that work still needs to be done, and it felt more necessary than ever.

 What have you been upto since you left Home and Away? 


I've been working on my own projects, a web series, and some short films. I feel privileged to be able to have the time to express myself and follow my many interests. There's so many stories I want to tell, and in so many ways. So I've been trying to discover the best method of doing so.

 What would your dream role be?


I have so many! So many genres I want to explore from horror, thrillers, period dramas, sci fi. I think my dream role would include working with my dream-team of great actors, writers and directors. Finding the perfect creative synchronicity through collaboration. That's the dream. I also used to dress up as Indiana Jones as a kid and run around the backyard trying to lasso my dog Belle, so maybe that's my dream role.

 Any plans to visit the UK in the near future?


I would love to come and visit soon! I try to make it over as much as possible because I have family and friends in London. I'd love to work in the UK. Do a tv show or a play on West End. That's definitely on the bucket list. Something to put on my vision board!

 Plans for the next 12 months? 


I'm in a new play called 'All His Beloved Children' written by Freida Lee and directed by Amelia Burke which is premiering in Sydney in May. I'm super excited to get stuck into theatre again. I'm then off to Prague in June, co-producing a show called 'Mi-Meme' which is premiering at Prague Quadrennial. So super excited to absorb all that PQ has to offer. Then after that, who knows! Watch this space!

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